Rent Rules


Gillmore Property  has a "zero tolerance" policy on the non-payment of rent.
  • It is you, the tenant who is responsible for ensuring that your rent is paid one (1) week in advance at all times (except for the first payment)
  • Electronic transfers of rent monies must be made 2-3 days prior to your rent being due to ensure that the funds reach our account before your rent is overdue


  • If payments are 2 or more days late a F1B Termination Notice for Non-Payment of Rent will be sent you. These notices will appear permanently on your rental record an may affect your ability to rent future properties, once this notice has been issued it cannot be removed from the system.
  • All outstanding rent needs to paid in full by the expiry date on the Termination Notice.
  • If all rent is not paid in full then Gillmore Property may proceed to court to have you evicted from the property


  • Remember it is your responsibility to pay the rent, not Gilmore Property's responsibility to chase you for the money.
  • If you aware that you cannot meet your rent obligations then YOU MUST contact our office and to either your property manager or the trust accountant.
  • You will need to explain to them why you cannot make the payment and when the payment will be made.
  • The property or trust accountant will decide if a F1B Termination Notice for Non Payment of Rent notice will be issued. If you are a repeated offender then you will still be sent a Termination Notice regardless of the reason.
  • Do not avoid the phone calls or emails if we are trying to contact you in regard to your rent payment, this only makes the matter worse.
  • Do not commit to making a payment and then not meeting that commitment. This will automatically result in a Termination Notice being issued or court proceedings may be actioned.

There is no deviation from this schedule and it is the strict policy of this office that all employees

If a tenant is continually late, we recommend to the landlord that the lease is not renewed. In extreme cases, the details of the tenancy will be lodged with the National Tenancy Database and TICA.

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