Are You 100% Happy With Your Property Manager?

A bad property manager can cost you thousands!!

Do you have a bad property manager?  Chances are you’ve had multiple property managers taking care of your property over the last couple of years.  Frustrating I bet.  A strong relationship with your property manager is vital for the continued success and management of your most valuable asset.  This is difficult if you property managers keep packing up and leaving.

Question is why is there a huge turnover in property managers.  Well it’s relatively simple.  They are over loaded with large portfolios and poor systems and no support from management.

Our  Real Estate  business  has adopted the latest in technology and systems giving our property owners unprecedented access to their property portfolios.  Whether you have one property or multiple properties you can view the current position of your property at any time.  You can view if rent is paid up to date and see what maintenance is outstanding as well as print of reports for taxation.

Automated inspection reporting allows us to keep our owners up to date with every inspection, Time, dates and even the full colour copy of the reports email as soon as they have been completed.

We are seeking expressions of interest from property owners who are looking for a fresh start, looking for an agency that specialises in property management where the staff are not over loaded. If that’s you then we would love to hear from you.

There are also many differences between our service offering and other agencies. Importantly, we are a small business of professional Property Managers. Our portfolios are small (and will be kept small), because we want to give our clients exceptional service. With a cost effective all-inclusive rate, you will know exactly what your property is costing to be managed professionally every month with no added or unknown costs.  

We believe we can offer you superior service for an economic price.

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