Making Marketing Work

Our dedication to putting technology to work for our clients includes our understanding of digital marketing channels and maximising the effectiveness of a property’s exposure to the best potential tenants.

We pride ourselves on attention to the details, and nowhere is that more important than with the marketing of your property. Marketing effectively is the start of it all. When we attract high quality candidates with relevant and engaging marketing, we start the ball rolling in the best possible way.

We understand the importance of effective marketing and from the very beginning, we don’t miss a thing.

Advertising Portals

Your property needs to be seen by as many people as possible, from all over the world, as soon as possible. Hello internet!

Within 24 hours of the professional photos being supplied to our office, your property will be online. Once the property is launched you will receive a link. Each week we’ll keep you updated about the level of interest your property is attracting.

Professional Photos and Floor Plans

Visual content is central to the success of digital marketing so we include professional photography in our fees. The more we can help prospective tenants understand the best things about your property, the better our chances of engaging with them.

Many of our tenants want to secure properties before they arrive in Perth, and beautiful photos are central to selling your property. We provide high quality professional photos of your property and a digital copy for you.

You can also choose to purchase a video walk through to take property visuals to the next level.

Home Opens and Private Viewings

When dealing with the corporate market, it’s best to make your house available as much as possible to suit their schedules. We will showcase your property six days a week. When prospective tenants want to see it, we will make ourselves available.

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