Looks Can Sell

How a property looks when a tenant first walks in the door is extremely important. It’s your property’s first impression, and you have the chance to make sure it’s a good one. We can help make that happen. We’re proud of our ability to find great tenants for our landlords, and to find those people, we need to have premium, well maintained properties to offer them. Our handy checklist will help you make sure your property is ready to attract those great tenants.

  • Lawns healthy and neatly mowed with garden beds weeded
  • All paving clean and free from mould
  • Garage and sheds free of rubbish and oil stains removed
  • Clean all windows and remove all cobwebs Swimming pool clear with all equipment working
  • All rubbish and household items removed
  • No dripping taps and all hoses attached and in good order
  • Run a sprinkler system test to make sure everything works
  • Check the washing line is in good order and tightly strung
  • Make sure gas supplies are sound and ready for use

All carpets professionally cleaned and in excellent condition Walls cleaned and have any large chips repaired Tiles and grout throughout are free of mould and properly sealed All globes, fans and exhaust fans are working and clean All blinds and curtains are clean and in excellent condition All air-conditioners recently serviced and cleaned If furnished, all rugs and couches professionally cleaned Professionally cleaned throughout before tenants

  • move in
  • All windows and doors have a supplied key and in good working order
  • Two remote controls supplied for the garage
  • RCD electrical switches meet requirements
  • Smoke detectors and pool legislation is up to date and certification can be produced
  • Blind and curtain cords meet the safety requirements 
  • All sliding doors and shower screens have safety glass

All Residential Real Estate services provided by Finance Centre (WA)  Pty Ltd trading as Gillmore Property

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